Conversion Rate Optimization

Our approach to CRO starts with a systematic evaluation and optimization of marketing funnels, from advertising to site landing pages, conversion funnels, and more—all in alignment with CRO, UX, and SEO best practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing Funnel Optimization

We collaborate with you to ensure we focus on the most important opportunities in messaging, design, layout, images, functionality, and user flow—in order to maximize positive outcomes.

Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing Funnel Optimization

We collaborate with you to ensure we focus on the most important opportunities in messaging, design, layout, images, functionality, and user flow in order to maximize positive outcomes.

Our CRO & MFO Services

CRO Audits

Our CRO audits analyze every aspect of your marketing funnel through the lens of industry best practices, your unique brand identity, and your audience’s needs.

We optimize it all: information architecture, messaging, design, layout, CTAs, imagery, user flow, functionality, and more.

Ad Optimization

Ads can become stale, especially when your team has been staring at them for months or years. We refresh and rejuvenate your ad campaigns by analyzing the competitive landscape, your value propositions, and your alignment with best practices to extract value from every pixel and every word.

From Google ads to paid social media, we shape your campaigns to boost CTR and CR in order to achieve the highest impact on your business goals.

Site Funnel Optimization

Your landing pages and conversion funnel should be like a waterslide, not an obstacle course.

We optimize both by leveraging UX best practices, competitive analysis, your brand guidelines, and our decades of experience. It’s a unique process tailored to your product, but in the end, it means finding creative solutions that boost conversions and reduce bounce rate. Our goal is simple: Make it easier for your prospects to find what they need.

A/B Testing

Nobody has “magical” answers that work every time. Finding the solution that works for you can be a mysterious craft that requires trial and error. But there is a “magical” process to find that solution—smart A/B testing.

By creating variations that test critical components of your funnel with an informed strategy, our iterative testing process leads to positive results in a short period.

Prototyping & Design

Prototyping site variations allows you to visualize our optimizations and makes the entire process more efficient and precise. Your designers and developers can focus on what they do best without having to interpret notes and suggestions. And if your team is over capacity, we provide expert UX design to give your dev team a deployment-ready mockup that leaves nothing to chance.

Data Science

None of this matters unless it moves the needle. Our data science team collaborates with every department to ensure precise and accurate monitoring of performance—so we can make actionable recommendations grounded in hard numbers.

“ Intrepid Digital is a best in class digital marketing agency with industry experts who are committed professionals. ”

~ David Ehrenberg ~

Pair of Thieves

Intrepid’s Approach to CRO

Balance research with instinct

Take guidance from best practices, customer personas, brand guidelines, and competitive research—but use experience and instinct to find creative solutions that bring your brand to life.

Leverage client knowledge

Often, clients have the answers orbiting near them, but they don’t always know it. We tap into our client’s knowledge of the product and audience, as well as learnings from past testing and optimization

Test with courage

There are no losing tests–only winners and learnings. A test that falls short of the business objective can sometimes yield more insights than a winning test. Always be ready to learn and move on.

Obey the data

We all love a fun headline or a dazzling image–but the data outranks them all. We’re not interested in proving how “clever” or “creative” we are. We are purely performance-driven, with an obsessive fixation on data and results.

CRO success stories

The Nile

11% lift in conversion rate

The Nile, Australia’s primary competitor to Amazon, asked Intrepid for CRO/UX help with their funnel. We optimized and redesigned landing pages, product detail pages, the cart, and the checkout page, streamlining the UX and emphasizing conversion mechanisms to drive an 11% lift in CVR, a 54% lift in revenue, and more.

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