Our global team at Intrepid Digital has cumulative experience in excess of a century, serving the business sectors that drive the world economy—from North America to Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Your designated team creates a bespoke solution for each project. Experts who hold deep knowledge around challenges specific to the project will integrate with your processes, adapting seamlessly to the unique ecosystem of your business.

Our leadership team

Our work philosophy

Ever feel like your agency doesn’t “get it”?

We do. Most of us at Intrepid forged our skills on the client side before joining agency life, so we’ve been in your shoes.

Integrating with your team

We don’t just work toward your business goalswe take ownership in the performance of your channels as if we’re sitting in your business like a true P&L owner. And we always seamlessly integrate with your team without disrupting the ecosystem of your company.

No account managers

Intrepid Digital never puts an “account manager” between you and your subject matter expert. You have direct communication with your dedicated expert in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, paid media, content strategy, CRO, or Data Science. And our network of subject matter experts works together to craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that meets all your objectives and honors your brand.

We leverage versatile collaboration and flexible workflows at each stage of your project. Strategies are implemented, validated, monitored, and refreshed to ensure ongoing campaign effectiveness.

A strong practical strategy requires deep expertise.

We make sure our clients win.

Let us do the same for you.

Our partnership model

Dynamic collaboration guided by integrity

Because we function as an extension of your workforce, we rely on exceptional communication in both directions to achieve collaboration that is productive and respectful.

As engaged as you want

Our flexible partnerships allow you to effectively allocate your internal resources while outsourcing to Intrepid Digital to gain added efficiency, creativity, insight, and output for your project.

As available as you want

Whether your project needs regularly scheduled calls and progress reports, or just periodic updates through a project management platform, the cadence and methods of communication will be tailored to your preferences.

Empathy and integrity

Our partnership model is about forging a bond with your team. While the need for technical expertise is obvious, seamless integration means taking a journey side-by-side—because your success is ours, too.

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