Programmatic and display advertising allows organizations to automate the buying and placement of ads across a vast network of websites and platforms, optimizing for reach and efficiency. You can use these tactics to target specific audiences with laser precision, at scale, and in real time.

These ad platforms use sophisticated algorithms to analyze user data (such as browsing behavior, demographics, and purchase history) to place ads where they are most likely to be effective. That level of targeting goes beyond traditional demographics, allowing for customization and personalization that can significantly increase the relevance and effectiveness of ads.

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Our Programmatic & Display Advertising Services

Strategic Objectives

We view your marketing objectives holistically, not just as isolated segments. This insight allows us to craft a programmatic plan that integrates with your overall marketing strategy, for more cohesive and impactful outcomes.

Audience Targeting

Leveraging advanced data and analytics, we pinpoint your target audience’s behaviors, preferences, and demographics. From this, we build the optimal mix of ad inventories and channels—including display, mobile, video, social, native, and CTV—to effectively engage your audience.


Data Management and Integration

Our approach to data management involves meticulous collection, analysis, and application of data insights to sharpen targeting and tailor messaging. This strategy enables deep optimization across channels, audiences, and creatives.

Technology Stack

While we have preferred tools, our priority is to align with your existing tech ecosystem. We work with your current technology stack, evaluating and enhancing functionality to unlock maximum opportunities.

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Programmatic & Display Advertising success stories

1900% increase in non-branded clicks

Hawx Pest Control partnered with Intrepid to boost organic traffic and revenue. Intrepid’s on-page SEO fixes, improvements in Core Web Vitals and schema markup, and extensive new content led to a 1900% lift in non-branded clicks, a 7900% increase in top 3 ranking keywords, and a 6300% growth of position 1 rankings.

105% increase in activated leads

Real estate service client Flyhomes partnered with Intrepid Digital to revamp their paid media program. Read how we helped realize a significant increase in conversions, conversion rate, and activations across all markets, with a corresponding decrease in cost per conversion and cost per activation.
Intrepid worked with AmeriVet, the national partner for privately-held vet practices, to boost SEM performance over a 90-day pilot program. By strategically rebuilding campaigns, targeting high-intent keywords, optimizing landing pages, we saw an immediate rise in call volume, appointments, and revenue. Read our story here!

Programmatic & Display Advertising blog posts

The Intrepid Glossary of Advanced SEO Terms

The Intrepid Glossary of Advanced SEO Terms defines the most commonly used (and often misunderstood) terms from A to Z. You’ll also learn why each term matters and how it can help you improve your SEO program and, ultimately, your site’s rankings.

SEO in Difficult Times

Is your company in a downturn? Cutting SEO budget may cost more in the long run than just preserving it. Instead, plan smartly. Use these SEO best practices to know how to cut back carefully.

Programmatic & Display Advertising Webinars

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