Local SEO leverages different ranking factors than conventional SEO, such as gathering third-party citations and reviews,  optimizing for both generic and localized keywords, and the biggest ranking factor—optimizing your Google Business Profiles.

81% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses before using them. Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business or GMB) have become increasingly important. Creating, claiming, and enhancing Google Business Profiles can dramatically improve your organic traffic and conversion rates in your local area.

Our Local SEO Services

GBP Strategy

The first step in driving consistent local performance is standardizing your GBP strategy.

Intrepid Digital will lead you through creating consistent Google Business Profile listings to help search engines understand your physical locations

Google Posts

Google posts are a way to share blog posts, coupons, and other updates and they appear directly on your Google Business Profile. 

While they may not generate as much traffic as on-site pages, they signal to Google that you are continuously monitoring and updating your Google Business Profile.

In this way, Google knows it can trust and rank your business higher in the search results.

Keyword Reach

Keywords mattereverywhere.

Did you know that businesses can rank in local SERPs and maps for keywords found outside your GBP listing, such as in customer reviews, in-store products, categories, and business descriptions?

Franchise SEO

Franchising efforts allow you to streamline your local SEO strategy across several locations.

Intrepid recommends a specialized strategy that will help you avoid duplicating efforts or leaving a location behind. We find common issues across locations and spread value across locations via templatesthat way, if new locations open up, you’ll be ready to launch their profiles quickly.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management touches on customer reviews, social media interactions, and blog mentions. Although these efforts may not directly drive traffic like on-page SEO, actively engaging with your customers sends a powerful signal to Google and potential customers that you can be trusted.
Google gains confidence in your business, leading to higher rankings in local search results, while also cultivating positive opinions among current and potential customers.

Citation Management

Ensuring accuracy and consistency in citation data across online directories, business listings, and review platforms is crucial. This demonstrates reliability to Google & customers—leading to higher local search rankings and positive customer perceptions.
Citation management also ensures that Google’s AI & crawlers update Google Business Profiles with accurate information found on other citations.

Local SEO Platforms

Intrepid’s team has experience working with local SEO platforms, including Yext, RioSEO, SoCI, and more.

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