Get the full story from your data

Our team of data analysts incorporate different analytics processes, APIs, and—whenever applicable—forecasting and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and insights from the data at hand.

Using a variety of first- and third-party data points, we strive to paint a picture of who your users are, what their needs are, and how your business can be better positioned to address those needs.

Our Data services

Reporting & Data Stories

We bring in multiple data sources and, through data blending, tell the full story about site performance and organic channel performance.

Supporting Your Site Health

Our analytics team can help diagnose traffic drops, identify issues with a site, and support migrations between analytics platforms.

Tracking Conversions

By implementing event tags and strategic user tracking, we can better monitor conversion events on your site.

Data Engineering & Data Science

Our team has exceptional capabilities for advanced data engineering and data science—something most agencies don’t.

Using machine learning models and APIs, our team can better understand text and numeric data patterns and how they relate to performance.

From archiving Universal Analytics data to customizing tracking setups, we can support the move to GA4 by integrating GA4 into your data pipeline to unlock advanced reporting applications.

"These peeps are the best! They have helped us understand SEO in a unique and effective way. Highly recommend."

~ Alan Stuart ~

Pair of Thieves

Intrepid’s Approach to Data Analytics

Leveraging multiple data sources

Relying on a single data source often results in a misguided understanding of a particular data point. Instead, our team pulls in data from multiple sources to better understand any limitations and gaps you’re facing and to drive better insights to the team

You own your data

As a client, you will always own your data. Any dashboards, reports, etc. created by Intrepid are owned by you for your own use.

Uncovering hidden gems via machine learning

Our team can help you tap into data sources you may not have considered as a source for competitive advantage. With automation and machine learning technology, we can help your organization with a wide array of tasks, from extracting insights from user interactions, uncovering new internal link opportunities, performing big data analytics or forecasting, and even generating content programmatically.

Adaptive, yet consistent reporting

Our wide array of skills in data analytics, data science, and data visualisation allows us to adapt the reporting to your needs—whether it’s a platform choice or a data collection choice, there’s nothing we can’t adhere to. We provide a consistent way to track key performance indicators and utilise data points to improve competitive positioning in all areas of digital marketing.

Customer will always own their own data. Anything that we create in terms of dashboards, reports, etc. will be owned by the client.

Data Science success stories

Data Science blog posts

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