YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google and serves over 3 billion searches a month, while TikTok hit 3 billion downloads in July of 2021.

Intrepid Digital will develop a customized YouTube or TikTok strategy based on your goals, including competitor research within the channel, best practice recommendations, keyword research, content research, and content roadmap creation.

Our Video SEO Services

Video optimization

Each video has the best chance of performing well, not only in TikTok and YouTube search and organic recommendations, but in Google Search video results as well.

Messaging & links

After careful review and keyword research, Intrepid suggests optimizations for video titles, descriptions, and video chapters, as well as CTAs and links.

Channel-specific tactics

Our aim is to increase the search performance and longevity of content through tactics such as content repurposing and video transcripts.

We explore channel-specific tactics like info cards, end screens, and implementing CTAs in video and channel descriptions.


Ads on YouTube can be viewed by thousands of people, which can impact overall brand awareness and impact brand searches and organic website traffic.

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