Tracking data goes beyond mere numbers—it’s about digging below the surface to extract pertinent and meaningful insights.

Our Tracking services are tailored to your unique needs and tech stack. We understand that a poorly configured tracking setup can lead to inaccurate data, resulting in misguided decisions and subpar performance. By delving deep into the data, we identify and extract only the most relevant insights, avoiding clutter and ensuring the resulting tracking is easy to understand and follow.

We then translate data into an easy-to-follow dashboard that helps clients monitor performance and make informed decisions.

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Our Tracking Services

Identifying Context

We work to understand your needs, your industry, and the full context of the data, along with potential inputs and the expected outputs. This helps our team determine the applicable data to track.


Based on the data, our experts determine the appropriate technology and schemas that will be used to track it. 

Dashboard Implementation and Monitoring

Once the data to be tracked has been pinpointed, we create user-friendly and accessible dashboards that provide transparent views of your most relevant and important data. The dashboard is monitored and adjusted as needed based on feedback. 

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