It is the process of optimizing the technical aspects of your website to enable search engines to better find, index, and understand the pages on your site.

Technical SEO is foundational: all other SEO strategies depend on a solid technical base for the website to perform at its best.

Elevated Rankings

From page speed analysis to mobile-friendliness, crawl budget optimization, and structured data implementation, technical SEO can elevate or destroy your rankings.

Intrepid provides in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations to ensure the success of your site.

Technical SEO Audit

We deliver your Technical SEO audit early in our engagement, offering a thorough inspection of the technical aspects of your site(s).

This joint effort by our technical managers, analysts, and senior SEOs will drive your roadmap, your dev tickets, and eventually, your improved rankings.

Get Maximum Impact

Prioritization is a key component of the tech audit. It’s not possible to fix all identified issues at once, and we want to achieve the greatest impact as quickly as possible.

As skilled SEO strategists, we recommend fixes based on their impact versus effort, which also helps ensure the effective use of developer resources.

A Full Tune-Up

If you think of a website like a car, technical SEO is the engine.

A properly-tuned engine keeps the car on the road and driving smoothly, and you will likely not think about it until it breaks. By then, you’ll wish you had kept it maintained. (You got it; we’re the mechanics.)

Migrations & Redesigns

Any time developers are performing updates—especially something dramatic such as a website migration or redesign—a technical SEO expert needs to be involved.

This will help avoid the phenomenon of fixing one thing just to have another break in the process.

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Technical SEO success stories

159% increase in revenue

SKIMS tasked Intrepid Digital with growing their SEO traffic to their key collections to boost conversions and revenue. We optimized their on-page SEO, content, internal linking, and page authority to generate a 159% increase in revenue, a 154% increase in sessions, and a 4.8% increase in conversions.

Technical SEO blog posts

SEO in difficult times

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