Off-page SEO relates to brand mentions, the external links leading to your site, and the building of content on other platforms (such as national news or blogs). Taken together, off-page SEO efforts build authority, boost brand awareness, and in a practical sense, drive visitors to your site.

Unline On-page SEO, which is largely within a site owner’s control, off-page SEO is reliant on factors outside of your website. But don’t be daunted. Intrepid offers carefully-planned off-page strategies that can really move the needle.

Our Off-page SEO Services

Off-site content

For Off-page SEO, we recommend thinking in terms of other platforms and off-site content that refer back to your site.

This includes social media, podcasts, guest appearances, guest blogging, events and event sponsorships, corporate philanthropy initiatives, and PR. (And we’re happy to integrate with PR firms and internal PR teams.)

High quality links

Intrepid’s team has experience improving page authority by attracting links from high-authority pages.

While other SEO issues can be fixed by improving technical elements or creating content, authority can only be addressed through digital PR. This content-driven strategy results in high-quality, natural links—the higher authority, the better.

Thought leadership pieces

Together, we can brainstorm ways to create linkable assets or industry-leading data that other sites will find as a great resource.

These helpful tools or stats can generate ongoing links.

Link recovery

Building links to your site is not an easy task, so when your hard-earned links suddenly vanish, it devalues your SEO efforts and can be damaging to your site’s overall credibility.

Using outreach and careful analysis, we’ll work to recover or repair lost links to your site.

Link maintenance

Broken links are no better! By handling links which are pointing to 4XX errors (404s, 410s etc) we can reclaim the lost equity pointing to broken pages and funnel it elsewhere on the site.

Toxic links

A toxic link is an external link to your site that comes from a bad neighborhood, malicious website, or from automated techniques designed to pass negative signals to your website.

While not all websites require a disavow file, regular analysis to determine this need is part of Intrepid’s off-page SEO support.

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