Paid search positions your brand directly in front of consumers who are actively searching for related products or services. But it goes beyond mere visibility; it’s about ensuring visibility is strategic and timely

Through real-time bidding on specific keywords and flexible campaign adjustments based on real-time data, ads can appear precisely at the moment a potential consumer demonstrates intent. This method of precision targeting drives quality traffic to your website, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversions and amplifying the return on investment (ROI). 

Partnering with Intrepid is engaging a strategic ally dedicated to unlocking the true potential of your performance marketing investments. Our blend of technology, strategy, and a platform-agnostic approach ensures that your campaigns are not just seen but are significantly more effective—driving real business outcomes.

Our Paid Search Services

Leveraging Data

Paid search is an investment in data-driven marketing. The power lies in its measurability and adjustability. It’s not just paying for the top spot; it’s about using analytics and insights to refine and target campaigns effectively. With the right strategy, your business can see exactly what you’re getting from your investment and make real-time adjustments to optimize ad spend and targeting.

Business Health Over Budget Hikes

Intrepid stands out by prioritizing the health of your business. This principle means we focus on strategic investments in your growth rather than pushing for more spending. You won’t be charged on a percent of media spend. Our goal is to optimize your marketing budget to support sustainable growth and healthy ROAS.

Performance and ROAS Focused

Our goal is to reveal the full potential of your Paid Search dollars—the good, the bad, and the often ugly. By quickly surfacing the opportunities as well as the waste in your accounts, Intrepid changes the trajectory of your performance marketing efforts, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment in your business’s growth.

Real-Time Reporting and Agilility

Unlike many agencies, Intrepid boasts real-time reporting dashboards with data tied into internal systems and ad platforms. This technological advantage isn’t just about transparency; it enhances our agile working style, allowing for quick pivots and continuous optimization of your campaigns.

Adaptable Expertise Across Platforms

Intrepid’s platform-agnostic approach allows for flexible strategy adjustments that optimize performance across various search engines and advertising platforms, ensuring the best ROAS for your business needs.

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Paid Search success stories

90% increase in CTR

Find out how Intrepid Digital achieved all-time high conversion rates in Google Ads for Clio Legal Software by iterative testing of strategic ad copy. This CRO work resulted in a 60% reduction in CPA for some campaigns and a 20% average improvement in Quality Score.

105% increase in activated leads

Real estate service client Flyhomes partnered with Intrepid Digital to revamp their paid media program. Read how we helped realize a significant increase in conversions, conversion rate, and activations across all markets, with a corresponding decrease in cost per conversion and cost per activation.
Intrepid worked with AmeriVet, the national partner for privately-held vet practices, to boost SEM performance over a 90-day pilot program. By strategically rebuilding campaigns, targeting high-intent keywords, optimizing landing pages, we saw an immediate rise in call volume, appointments, and revenue. Read our story here!

Paid Search blog posts

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