Case Study: Flyhomes & Google Ads

105% increase in activated leads

Flyhomes is a real estate company that aims to revolutionize the buying and selling experience by offering a simplified, all-inclusive service. They integrate local experts, research analysts, loan officers, and specialized agents to facilitate every aspect of the process. 

Flyhomes wanted to increase the total number of activated leads* across all markets while decreasing the cost per activation within their Google Ads campaigns.

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Increase in leads
0 %
Decrease in cost per lead
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Increase in activated leads*
0 %
Decrease in cost per activated lead*


Intrepid Digital partnered with the Flyhomes team to revamp their paid media program, which was using an outdated campaign structure. 

  • Search intent & geographic area were not sufficiently specified
  • Several duplicated efforts were noted in their lead-gen campaigns. 
  • The majority of their existing keywords had a low-quality or Null score, which Flyhomes needed to improve in order to reduce CPCs and improve cost efficiency.


After analyzing the existing campaign structure, it was apparent that conversions using cities in the search terms had enough lead volume and efficient CPA that they should have their own ad groups—with keywords and ad copy to match. 

We determined it would be ideal to break each market into two major campaigns: one campaign targeting their core group of keywords for buyers and sellers and another geo-targeted campaign designed to capture hyper-local searches by city and region. 

As we worked behind the scenes to build new campaigns and ad groups, Flyhomes worked with their legal team to refresh ad copy, supporting the keywords that Intrepid would use in the new campaigns. We also restructured the conversions our campaigns were optimizing for, with a focus on having the most impactful primary conversion actions instead of a broad sweeping strategy that included more than six conversion actions as primary. 

We methodically tested this new campaign structure one market at a time to guarantee its success.

Post-optimization, all markets showed a significant increase in conversions, conversion rate, and activations, with a corresponding decrease in cost per conversion and cost per activation. The increase in media spend period-over-period was 30%. 

*Activated leads are people who are actively touring homes with a Flyhomes agent.

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