Content Gaps can mean anything from topical gaps to needing strategic hub pages that pull things together, to creating handy resources that others in your industry would reference.

We can help draw out these opportunities, prioritize them, and use our copywriters (or work with yours) to build out your new content. Your Content Gap Analysis will include a series of recommendations in priority order–so you know where to turn first and how to organize the work. We can also help you create a programmatic SEO approach for generating pages that address the searchers’ intent in a scalable manner.

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Our Content Gap Analysis Services

E-E-A-T—Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

E-E-A-T is a set of principles Google’s search quality raters use to determine the credibility of a web page. We look closely at whether your site is meeting these important standards in the most effective way for your industry.

New Content Opportunities

Meeting people where they’re searching is the name of this game. Looking at both keyword research for search potential and your competitors’ presence on SERPs, we list out the gaps in your content strategy.

Content Analysis

We also look at the performance of existing content and analyze the keywords that drive traffic to the site. You’ll get stats on branded vs non-branded keywords, search intent, and a breakdown of performance by content topic and/or content type.

Existing Content Optimizations

From start to finish, does the user know what you’re all about and where to turn next? Is there anything that needs restructuring or rewriting? Can we improve internal links in strategic areas? We tackle all this and more.

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