Keyword research gives you an indication of your place in the market—while robust keyword targeting serves as guideposts for content strategy, your site architecture, and individual pieces of content.

Today, keyword strategy has evolved beyond the keyword-stuffing of a decade ago, to a more holistic approach involving topic research, competitor analysis, entity analysis, and more.

Intrepid will provide you with thorough keyword research and a host of actionable recommendations to achieve the greatest impact.

Keyword landscape

Intrepid’s keyword research is aimed at solving your most pressing issues, such as: Which new terms should you explore? How are your competitors ranking? Why aren’t you ranking higher for your main terms?

Multiple sources

When researching keyword environments, the Intrepid team makes use of multiple public & private data sources, supplemented by our own industry expertise.

We never just export a report from one tool and call it done–that’s just the beginning.

Keyword classifications

Taking it beyond run-of-the-mill ‘related keywords’, Intrepid’s team provides custom classifications of keywords—showing semantic relevance/proximity, exploring how keywords relate to search intent or particular services or products, and identifying opportunities to generate more traffic.

We can also create custom intent classifications beyond the standard—driving not only clicks, but also conversions.

Low-hanging fruit

At Intrepid, you may hear us talk about your ‘striking-distance keywords’—those keywords that your site already ranks for, but you sit in positions at the bottom of the first page.

Leveraging content & SEO improvements can boost those almost-there keyword rankings.

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Keyword Research success stories

15% Increase in Clicks in 3 months

Taylor Farms came to Intrepid Digital for an SEO audit and content gap analysis. We addressed search spam and site security/performance issues, built 360 reporting, implemented schema markup, and generated 100+ pages of content. This resulted in a 15% increase in clicks, a 5% increase in impressions, and a 25% increase in organic keywords.

Keyword Research blog posts

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