Speak to Visitors as well as Search Engines​

Whether blog posts, emails, landing pages, or other types of writing, your content should be effective for visitors as well as for search engines.

Using data-driven methodology, we dive into pages that are losing traffic, find impactful on-page content optimizations, and determine where to focus for your business goals.

Ice the cake with close attention to brand voice and professional editing, and you have a combination that will elevate your digital presence.

Our Content Services

Content Audits

An audit pulls together information from many sources in a way that illustrates where your site content is performing well, where it’s falling short, and what content gaps exist. Gaps can exist in all sorts of scenarios: competitor gaps, keyword gaps, gaps in your funnel, or gaps in your offerings.

This top-level view helps to see the road ahead.

Content Strategy

We know it can be overwhelming to review lists of keywords and see your competitors churning out blog posts that outperform yours. Our content strategy will map out the tactics in front of you, such as tackling SEO topic clusters, repurposing old content, bolstering low-quality content, and addressing content gaps.

In collaboration with your team, we will help you prioritize content plans for the highest impact on your business goals.

Copywriting / Technical writing

Our team of copywriters have written for just about every type of industry and just about every type of marketing channel.

Beginning with getting acquainted with your brand and guidelines, and armed with SEO-informed target keywords, our gifted writers can balance hitting marketing goals with writing content that is helpful to readers. (We can even make it fun to read, if that’s your brand personality.)

Editing & Proofing

Even the best writers need to be edited. Having another set of eyes on your content, especially those of a professional editor, can help ensure your content goes forward without blemish. All Intrepid content deliverables include professional editing.

In addition, we offer editing services for content written by others –whether it’s from your internal writer, your marketing team, your C-suite’s musings, or a transcript from a webinar, we can clean it up and have it publish-ready.

Editorial Calendars

You have lots of ideas, but how do you see them all laid out and actually get them done? We help set up an Editorial Calendar within a task management system that will allow you to calendar out your campaigns, set priorities, and assign to the appropriate person.

We can recommend ways to label tasks by audience, part of the funnel, product, season, or other tags that help get a high level view of where your efforts are needed—and where gaps may exist in your strategy.

" EXCELLENT work on these pages. This is extraordinary work! Thank you. "

~ Non-profit Art Client ~

Intrepid’s Approach to Content

Let the Customer & the Brand Drive

Always come back to customer personas & brand messaging for direction and anchoring.

Use Your Strengths

Tap into the knowledge base within your organization to showcase your industry expertise. And don’t reinvent the wheel: updating & repurposing forgotten or out-of-date content can be a treasure trove.

Check the Integrity of Your Funnel

With SEO and content efforts being put into place, the top of your funnel may soon see a lot more traffic. You don’t want those new visitors to slip through the cracks.

Consult SEO

While all content should serve the user, considering SEO elements and strategy is essential for anything going on your website.

Data-Driven Methodology

Intrepid uses a systematic competitor analysis and content gap process that compares competitors across channels and within the context of top non-branded keywords.

Content success stories

1900% increase in non-branded clicks

Hawx Pest Control partnered with Intrepid to boost organic traffic and revenue. Intrepid’s on-page SEO fixes, improvements in Core Web Vitals and schema markup, and extensive new content led to a 1900% lift in non-branded clicks, a 7900% increase in top 3 ranking keywords, and a 6300% growth of position 1 rankings.

876% increased organic clicks to Canadian site in 6 weeks

Taylor Farms is North America’s leading producer of salads and healthy fresh foods. Serving markets across the continent, Taylor Farms has a US website in English and a website for Canadian customers in both French and English. However, the sites were not optimized for international SEO and were causing confusion for users. Taylor Farms tasked Intrepid Digital with optimizing their international experience.

680% increase in total lead volume

Hiro Systems, a web3 company specializing in developer tools for Bitcoin applications, partnered with Intrepid for a performance marketing program to boost brand awareness and lead gen. See how we leveraged Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads for a 680% increase in leads and a 79% decrease in CPA.

Content blog posts

How to Optimize PDFs for SEO

PDFs usually take a lot of time and effort to create, so make sure they’re optimized for search. Read our collection of tips to optimize your PDFs for SEO.

ChatGPT and AI-Generated Content

AI chatbots like ChatGPT can be extremely useful to marketers, but how do they affect content marketing? Should we use ChatGPT for developing blog posts and other web pages? We look at the nuances of brand identity, advanced CRO strategy, and more.

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