Case Study: AmeriVet Pilot Program

AmeriVet is a strategic partner for privately held veterinary practices throughout the US. Seeking to enhance online visibility and boost new client acquisition, they employed Intrepid’s SEM services to manage Google Ads accounts across ten pilot locations.

During a 90-day pilot period, all locations saw an increase in calls, appointments, and revenue, with less than a 1% increase in media spend.

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Increase in calls
0 %
Increase in revenue
0 %
Increase in ROAS


AmeriVet wanted to scale marketing programs for individual practices while maintaining efficiencies across key metrics to increase booked appointments and revenue. In addition, the ability to maintain visibility to each location’s marketing program and performance was a key request, as the practices were in the dark about which marketing activities drove appointments and increased practice revenue. 


Intrepid kicked off the project with a thorough audit of the current paid search campaigns and an extensive market analysis of the industry. These findings shaped a personalized media strategy aimed at driving new client acquisition. 

By rebuilding the campaigns and using best practices, such as targeting high-intent keywords and optimizing landing pages, there was an immediate rise in call volume, appointments, and revenue.

For tracking and measurement, call tracking was implemented through CallRail, allowing us to attribute calls to specific keywords in our search campaigns. We also provided a manual proof of concept that allowed AmeriVet to see revenue attributed to calls booked as a result of their paid search program. Combining their data from Google Ads, CallRail, and the client’s in-house transaction data helped them recognize the ROAS associated with their paid search program.

This hands-on approach allowed us to demonstrate the potential of integrating these sources effectively, setting the stage for a more robust reporting process

In just 90 days, Intrepid helped the 10 AmeriVet pilot locations generate a total of 4,408 calls and $418,351.84 in transaction revenue, with a total return on ad spend of 997%. 









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