SEO in Difficult Times

Is your company in a downturn? Cutting SEO budget may cost more in the long run than just preserving it. Instead, plan smartly. Use these SEO best practices to know how to cut back carefully and where to dig in. 

Save money by preserving SEO

Cutting your SEO budget is a risky move–it often costs more in the long run to recalibrate your site after letting SEO services lapse. Instead, consider ‘keeping the lights on’ services. Cut marketing spend where you must, but make sure a savvy SEO monitors traffic & rankings to ensure sitemaps are operational and can detect serious issues that would affect your presence in Google search results. This person should watch new updates from search engines carefully and make critical adjustments as needed. 

Think of it this way: Since SEO is targeting inbound leads–people who are actively searching for your services/product–and because SEO value continues rather than just being shut off like PPC, SEO is actually one of the most cost-effective strategies.

Simplified content strategy

Yes, you can cut down on publishing new content to save budget, but don’t go down to nothing. Instead, make tweaks to your existing content on a regular basis, make blog posts evergreen, and don’t let things go stale. Republishing content and making revisions has SEO value because it shows that your site is fresh and you’re up to date with your industry.

Reputation management for negative PR and layoffs

If your organization has been hit by layoffs or negative PR, it’s a crucial opportunity for online reputation management (ORM).  You don’t have to “live with” negative results on branded searches (searches using your brand name). Intrepid can help with ORM strategies, ensuring that your brand will thrive when the dust settles. 

SEO strategies when losing locations or service lines

Closing down locations or removing products or services? You may have to archive or take down site pages—but you can preserve your SEO gains with careful planning. There are many intricacies to closing down pages in a way that preserves SEO value. Don’t panic, give yourself some time, and reach out to Intrepid for ideas and support. 

Now is not the time to make quick decisions that you’ll need to recover from in a few months’ time. 

With careful planning, you can ride out the wave of a downturn by leveraging SEO and content carefully.


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