Case Study: IntelligenceBank​

Migration to GA4​

IntelligenceBank is one of the world’s leading content governance platforms, whose flagship products include Digital Asset Management, Online BrandHub and Marketing Operations Software.
New Lead Conversion Event Types
New Dimensions for Segmentation
New Behavior/Engagement Events
Outdated WordPress Plugins Identified and Updated


IntelligenceBank approached Intrepid Digital in late 2022 to migrate their Google Universal Analytics (UA) tracking into a new GA4 platform. IntelligenceBank had previously not been utilizing the UA property for lead attribution because their form submissions were not being tracked in Google Analytics, and only had visibility into what was being submitted through Pardot, the webform tool embedded on the website.


To start the migration from UA to GA4, we audited the entire website and the existing tracking to identify what events were outdated, irrelevant, or neglected. We took two passes with the audit; first using a technical lens, then a business-results lens. In the technical pass, we looked for sub-optimal page performance, where plugins needed to be updated, and where redundant and outdated tracking tags could be consolidated or eliminated. In the business-results pass, we looked at the website from Intelligence Bank’s perspective and wrote out the business logic for why we should track some events, but not others.

The audit culminated in a tracking plan, which we reviewed closely with our stakeholder at IntelligenceBank to ensure that it fit their needs for both attributing leads to their marketing campaigns and analyzing different lead qualities within GA4. After executing the tracking plan, we demonstrated how to use GA4 to conduct different analyses on their web traffic and marketing performance.

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