Case Study:
Taylor Farms

15% Increase in Clicks in 3 months

Taylor Farms is the leading US brand for salad kits and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. They tasked Intrepid with resolving issues with their website, which had never been optimized for search engines, with the aim of building a better foundation to grow SEO traffic over the long term.

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Increase in Clicks in 3 months
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Increase in Impressions in 3 months
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Increase in Organic Keywords in 6 months


The Taylor Farms website had not been consistently maintained, had critical technical issues, and was missing important content about existing products. The site was missing opportunities to drive traffic through recipes and other areas.


A comprehensive audit of the site uncovered SEO technical issues and problems with site performance. We immediately identified search spam, which threatened to compromise site security.

A content gap analysis identified content opportunities and led to a content strategy that focuses on recipes and mouthwatering product descriptions—to ultimately drive traffic and increase conversions.

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876% increased organic clicks to Canadian site in 6 weeks

Taylor Farms is North America’s leading producer of salads and healthy fresh foods. Serving markets across the continent, Taylor Farms has a US website in English and a website for Canadian customers in both French and English. However, the sites were not optimized for international SEO and were causing confusion for users. Taylor Farms tasked Intrepid Digital with optimizing their international experience.

680% increase in total lead volume

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