Case Study: SKIMS

159% increase in revenue

SKIMS is one of the fastest growing brands for women’s underwear, shapewear and clothing. They tasked Intrepid with growing SEO traffic to their primary collections to boost revenue from a low cost channel.

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SKIMS wanted to improve performance for their key collections, including bras, shapewear, and underwear. These had not been well optimized for search engines and needed improvements for on-page SEO, content, internal linking and page authority, to get them to a level where they could beat competitors for top 3 positions of highly searched keywords like underwear, bras and shapewear.


We started with improving on-page SEO to ensure that each of the collections pages were targeting the primary keywords in the right way. By leveraging better titles, headings and copy to cover the terms potential customers were searching for the most. Coupled with improving internal linking through the site, ensuring important pages linking to them as well as resolving technical issues hindering Google. Next we went to work on building authority by crafting highly relevant content to be featured on external sites and encouraging websites to link back to these collection pages within their content. This helped Google to see their pages as important and relevant for highly searched keywords, rewarding them with much more visible rankings.

Organic Traffic 2022 vs 2021

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15% Increase in Clicks in 3 months

Taylor Farms came to Intrepid Digital for an SEO audit and content gap analysis. We addressed search spam and site security/performance issues, built 360 reporting, implemented schema markup, and generated 100+ pages of content. This resulted in a 15% increase in clicks, a 5% increase in impressions, and a 25% increase in organic keywords.

90% increase in CTR

Clio, the world’s leading legal software, enlisted Intrepid Digital for ad copy optimization of Google SEM campaigns. We innovated a new method of testing RSAs with themed value proposition buckets, resulting in a 20% avg. increase in CTR, a 35% decrease in CPA, and a 20% avg. improvement to ad quality score.

Migration to GA4​

Intelligence Bank asked Intrepid Digital to migrate their UA tracking into GA4. We audited their site and tracking through a technical lens and a business lens, improving page performance and tracking based on business logic. This led to new lead conversion events, new dimensions for segmentation, and more.

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