Case Study: Clio Legal Software

90% increase in CTR

Clio is the world’s most popular legal practice management software. They enlisted Intrepid’s CRO department for ad copy optimization to improve the CTR, CR, CPA, and QS of their Google PPC campaigns.

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Increase in CTR
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Reduction in CPA
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Improvement in Quality Score


Clio wanted to improve performance of their Google PPC ads, which were transitioning to the RSA format. However, Google Ads does not allow specific a/b testing of RSA headlines.


Intrepid’s CRO department pioneered a new approach to work within the limitations of Google Ads new RSA format, which does not allow for individual headline testing. To identify the best-performing creative strategy, we created “buckets” of headlines focused on different value proposition themes: leadership, aspirational benefits, and immediate practical benefits. After phase one of testing, we would continue evolving the winning test to focus on more nuanced expressions of the best value propositions.


We hypothesized that iterative testing which narrowed down the best-performing ad copy strategy would result in immediate boosts to performance–in some cases, generating more clicks and in other cases, passing more qualified traffic.


More Case Studies

159% increase in revenue

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15% Increase in Clicks in 3 months

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