The Art and Science of CRO

Intrepid's CRO experts explain how to convert more customers, starting with the tenets of conversion rate optimization, implementing powerful UX strategies, running effective A/B tests, and how to understand and leverage data.

In this webinar, Intrepid CRO expert Matt Sjoquist and Data Science expert Graham Howell will share tips on:

Duration: 50 Minutes


Matt Sjoquist

Director of Creative Strategy
Intrepid Digital
Matt has over 15 years' experience as a copywriter and creative strategist in marketing, advertising, UX, and CRO/funnel optimization for paid and organic landing pages. He believes in balancing the art and science of cross-channel optimization to boost revenue, conversions, and LTV for high-profile B2B and B2C clients, Saas, ecommerce, and more.

Graham Howell

Data Science Specialist
Intrepid Digital
Graham has served as a data science specialist for numerous high-profile clients across the ecommerce landscape. He handles reporting, testing, and data analysis for numerous Intrepid clients.

Todd Herschberg

Director of Business Development
Intrepid Digital
Todd has been working in the SEO space since the mid-1990s when he helped create the search algorithms for one of the first search engines. He has headed digital and search engine marketing efforts at a number of global companies including Like.com(acquired by Google), Alibaba's 11Main.com, and Hipmunk (acquired by SAP Concur).
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