Digital Marketing for Blockchain/Web3

Our seasoned experts know how to position Web3 companies as leaders in the industry—while helping make meaningful connections with users.

Always ahead of the curve

The Blockchain/Web3 industry has complex technologies and an equally complex audience. To capture leads, you need engaging communication that goes beyond promoting products or services to educating and building trust with users—often leveraging non-traditional marketing tactics. We can help.

Our data-driven strategies in SEO and performance marketing adapt to the fast-paced nature of Blockchain/Web3, keeping our clients ahead of the curve.

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Lead generation through education

We also have keen instincts for building visibility where these users frequent—targeting various cryptocurrency forums, blockchain-specific social groups, and other niche platforms. Our tactics include:
  • Detailed guides
  • How-to videos
  • Thought leadership content that explains the technology and its benefits.
For example, Web3 users may understand NFTs and smart contracts, but may not be as familiar with Ordhook. Companies looking to attract leads will need to educate users and speak to them on their level.
For our client Hiro, we leveraged their own platform for developers to elevate their brand presence and expand their community. We did this by amplifying their authoritative content, covering nuanced topics like Web3 app development and Bitcoin ordinals. Our approach integrated a blend of search and display advertising on Google, complemented by highly targeted ads on LinkedIn and Twitter. This multifaceted strategy boosted Hiro’s visibility and positioned them as a thought leader and primary resource in the Web3 app development space.

680% increase in total lead volume

Hiro Systems, a web3 company specializing in developer tools for Bitcoin applications, partnered with Intrepid for a performance marketing program to boost brand awareness and lead gen. See how we leveraged Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads for a 680% increase in leads and a 79% decrease in CPA.

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