Case Study: Hiro

680% increase in total lead volume (+3,880) 

“Intrepid were fantastic partners for us at Hiro. They orchestrated our paid media strategy and relentlessly optimized their efforts around data. Their results were impressive, especially they were working in an industry new to them. The team was lovely to work with, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again.” 

– Max, Hiro

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Increase in total lead volume (+3,880)   
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Decrease in CPA (-$89)
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Increase in website visitors


Hiro Systems, a web3 company specializing in developer tools for Bitcoin applications, partnered with Intrepid Digital to enhance brand awareness and generate leads. The primary aim was to establish a performance marketing program through paid search and paid social media channels. This case study explores how we leveraged Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads to drive engagement through all phases of the funnel, showcasing meaningful moments in growth along the journey and the overall campaign results.


Since paid advertising was a new initiative for Hiro, our strategy was to start with Google Ads, encompassing both search and display campaigns. Initially, we focused on increasing visibility with branded search campaigns and YouTube video campaigns, while using both search and display ads to drive users to free but gated ebook content. This allowed Hiro to capture audience data and nurture leads. The initial phase involved testing messaging in ad copy and creative in order to identify content that resonated the most with their target audience. 
With the help of Hiro’s creative team, we tested multiple creatives for display ads to identify the highest-performing ebooks. This phase allowed us to understand which content resonated best with the target audience and yielded the most engagement.
After gathering valuable data and insights from the Google Ads campaigns, we fine-tuned our strategies to achieve the lowest Cost Per Acquisition possible. This optimization phase involved continuous monitoring, A/B testing, and adjustments to improve campaign performance, decreasing the Google CPA significantly.
With a refined understanding of Hiro’s audience and content preferences, we expanded our reach by exploring LinkedIn document ads.
  • We selected the best-performing ebooks and tailored them to different audience segments on LinkedIn.
  • These distinct audience segments allowed us to test which audience had the highest engagement rate, lead volume, and lowest CPA. This allowed us to allocate resources efficiently and maximize the impact of our campaigns.
  • Expanding our reach to LinkedIn ads grew aggregate monthly leads by 88% and decreased our aggregate CPA by 26%.
Another source of growth for Hiro was exploring Twitter ads, using the best-performing ebooks, and targeting lookalike handles in our niche, increasing leads by 21% and lowering our overall CPA.

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