Performance Marketing

Intrepid Digital takes a data-driven and results-oriented approach to Performance Marketing, with the goal of maximizing conversions, sales, and ROAS. We touch every milestone of the customer journey.


At Intrepid Digital, you’ll find a team that stays at the forefront of performance marketing. With a background in not only expert-level campaign execution but strategy, analysis, and consulting, many of our team members have worked on both the agency side and in-house. That is by design—this combination of experience allows our team to have a unique perspective. You’ll find that your Intrepid paid media team will feel like an extension of your in-house team. 

Our Performance Marketing Services

Paid Search

Well-crafted and strategic text-based ads and the right bid strategy—to display your ads at the top of search results when people look for your brand or services.

Social Media Advertising

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok, we’ll work with you to craft creative, targeted ads that drive engagement, generate leads, and align with your brand

Ecommerce marketing

Custom marketing strategies for your online store or services that maximize sales and ROI.

YouTube Ads

Promote your content and advertise your services on YouTube to maximize reach and results.

Native Advertising / Sponsored Content

Reach your audience on third-party platforms with more natural content that is best suited for the media source you want to target.

Programmatic Advertising

Using automated technology and algorithmic tools, we can buy and sell digital advertising space in real-time in seconds.

Display Ads

Use images or videos with traditional ad copy to advertise across a variety of platforms and websites, in order to drive traffic and conversions to a website.

Mobile App Advertising

Advertise your product or services within targeted mobile apps

Email Marketing

Use your email list to engage, acquire, promote, and retain new and existing customers through email.

" Besides producing results, Intrepid is easy to communicate with, ethical and a pleasure to work with. "

~ David Ehrenberg ~

Pair of Thieves

Intrepid’s Approach to Performance Marketing

Audit of Current Program

As a first step, we conduct thorough research of your current position as well as that of your competitors. These audits identify areas for improvement, from conversion tracking to structured data to ad extensions, spanning any accounts and campaigns that Intrepid will be managing.

Planning & Forecasting

Our team will align with you on KPIs and the goal associated with them—a key exercise that ensures that our teams are in full alignment.

Cross-Channel Strategy

Every strategy is customized. This includes the selection of appropriate channels, ad formats, and targeting methods to reach and engage your target audience. We’re channel and platform agnostic —we focus on allocating resources where needed to achieve the best possible return on your investment.

Balancing two sides

While we aim to be innovative and ambitious, we also make decisions founded in data. By balancing these two factors, we create strategies that are effective, efficient, and tailored to your specific goals.

Ongoing evaluation and optimization

With Intrepid, you’ll receive daily campaign reviews and weekly reports so that we are always aligned on the progress of your program. While we pay close attention to the details and data, we also keep the big picture in mind.

By using our mutually agreed upon forecasts as our guideposts, we partner with you to take a long-term perspective.

Areas of underperformance are identified and adjustments are continuously made to campaign targeting, creative, and bidding strategies—to optimize performance and improve ROAS.

Performance marketing success stories



35% average decrease in CPA

Clio, the world’s leading legal software, enlisted Intrepid Digital for ad copy optimization of Google SEM campaigns. We innovated a new method of testing RSAs with themed value proposition buckets, resulting in a 20% avg. increase in CTR, a 35% decrease in CPA, and a 20% avg. improvement to ad quality score.

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