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ABOUT US / Our Partnership Model

Our Partnership Model

Dynamic collaboration guided by empathy and integrity

Because we function as an extension of your workforce, we rely on exceptional communication in both directions to achieve dynamic collaboration.


We'll be as engaged as you want, allowing you to effectively allocate your internal resources while outsourcing to Intrepid Digital to gain additional efficiency, creativity, insight, and output for your project. And, we'll be as available as you want. Whether your project needs regularly scheduled calls and progress reports, or for our team to relay updates through a project management platform, the cadence and methods of communication will be tailored to your preferences.


We listen attentively and observe diligently to understand your culture and brand. We identify challenges and build on mutual trust to find solutions. We rely on transparency to facilitate honest dialogue and share knowledge.


Empathy and integrity are indispensable at Intrepid Digital. Our partnership model is about forging a bond with your team. While the need for technical expertise is obvious, seamless integration means take a journey side-by-side, because your success is ours, too.

Hands-on Marketing Support

Technical Site Audits


Operational support: research, testing, content and offsite support.


Measuring success & reporting.

Strategic Marketing Support

Business case development.


Goal setting & liaising with
senior staff.


Cross-department training & empowerment.

Project Management & Organizational Integration

Backlog and task prioritization.


Structured communication

with management.


Ticketing, commenting tasks

and QA.


Working with product managers

and IT teams.


Real-time, group-based



Increased availability and level
of connection.

Weekly Triaging

Backlog & task prioritization.


Ensure clarity on dev teams and shared goals & priorities..

Horizontal Communication


Disseminate customized good practices. Ensure things stay fixed.


Share & celebrate wins.

Vertical Communication


Ensure resources (talent, time, budget) for implementation. 


Advocate role of SEO team.`

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