Digital marketing in the travel industry taps into both the emotional and logistical aspects of consumer habits.

Travel is in our blood

Success in this competitive industry calls for global enterprise marketing expertise in a variety of parameters at a large scale, like geographical destinations, suppliers, and routes that utilize millions of data points.

Intrepid boasts an impressive roster of team members with hands-on expertise in travel, from our CEO to our managers in SEO, performance marketing, and more. We’ve worked both in-house and agency side for some of the best-known global travel brands like Expedia, Skyscanner, Emirates, and Momondo.

road winding through lush green mountains

Our knowledge of both travel and enterprise-level marketing means we can see past common complexities to find custom solutions for our clients. We do this by employing large-scale strategies, such as:

  • Template-level optimization: In the case of flights to destination or routes (i.e. flights from city to city), we focus on improvements that can be applied template-wide across thousands of pages at once. This often yields stronger uplifts to traffic by simultaneously leveraging many pages for optimization. These improvements can usually be applied across many international markets at once.
  • SEO A/B Testing: Large travel websites lend themselves well to SEO A/B testing, where thousands of pages of a similar type can be set up differently and compared for performance. We often test improvements to elements  like title tags, content, and headings to increase CTR across thousands of “flights to destination” pages. For example, we may test 10,000 pages with one title tag structure vs. another set of 10,000 pages with a different structure.
  • Performance Optimization: We address SEO hygiene and solve large-scale technical issues that hinder the performance of websites. This can vary greatly, but typical optimizations include analyzing configurations that expose thousands of duplicate pages, url canonicalization, fixing poor internal linking, and addressing core web vitals.

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