Digital marketing success in the legal industry calls for wide-ranging specialization in a variety of marketing disciplines, and it requires an agency with robust expertise.

From localized law firms to legal software and services, the legal space is highly competitive. With well over 1 million attorneys working in the U.S. alone, the competition for local SEO visibility for law firms is fierce. And the competitive arena does not ease up for legal software products, which call for global expertise in SaaS and service-related marketing to reach customers around the world in innovative ways.

Local SEO & Content Marketing for Law Firms

Intrepid Digital’s local SEO and content marketing experts know how to break through the clutter and garner valuable visibility for our clients.

Many law firms have long relied on traditional mediums such as billboards, TV, and radio—yet their customers have evolved, and are more often swayed by a strong online presence. 

Add to that the fact that most law firms don’t have dedicated digital marketing teams, and it takes a savvy digital marketing agency that knows how to seamlessly bring them into the fold of local SEO and content marketing. Intrepid knows how to not only boost a law firm’s local presence, but also establish an authoritative online presence with expertly-written content that reaches potential clients on a more profound level.

Intrepid brings a wealth of resources to the table, including local SEO experts, UX/UI designers, analytics specialists, and content writers. Plus, our years of experience working with enterprise-level companies lets us leverage that expertise for the benefit of smaller businesses. We also offer translation services so we can connect with clients using native speakers rather than AI or plugins. This is especially important for areas like Southern California, Texas, and Quebec.

With one particular law firm based in California, we’ve achieved a 21% increase in ranked keywords, with a 31% lift in volume of keywords within the top 3 and a 19% increase in keywords within the top 10. This has brought a 78% increase in website traffic, which translates into one simple win: more clients.

Global Marketing for Legal Software

On a global scale, it’s vital to retain an agency that knows how to operate with enterprise-level strategies in markets around the world.

Our knowledge of SEO, performance marketing, CRO, and content marketing means we can capitalize on large-scale opportunities while creating custom solutions for our clients. In fact, for Clio legal software, we used CRO strategies and Google PPC tactics to achieve a 90% increase in CTR for certain campaigns, a 60% reduction in CPA, a 20% average improvement in Quality Score, and all-time high conversion rates.

90% increase in CTR

Find out how Intrepid Digital achieved all-time high conversion rates in Google Ads for Clio Legal Software by iterative testing of strategic ad copy. This CRO work resulted in a 60% reduction in CPA for some campaigns and a 20% average improvement in Quality Score.

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