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ABOUT US / Who We Are

Jeremy Reitman
Founder and CEO

Leveraging over two decades of industry experience, Jeremy launched Intrepid Digital, a marketing strategy company engineered to deliver comprehensive services that improve digital marketing performance.

Building on long-term relationships with a global reach, he carefully selects leaders who are ideal to the scope and demands of each project. His disciplined approach to building partnerships is founded on trust, and designed to enrich the work of his clients' internal teams. With fresh perspectives, scalable campaigns, and measurable results, his marketing partnership model outflanks structural limitations and capitalizes on organizational strengths to surpass expectations.

Empathy and integrity are indispensable at Intrepid Digital. Our marketing partnership model is about forging a bond with your team. While the need for technical expertise is obvious, seamless integration means taking a journey side-by-side, because your success is ours, too. 

~ Jeremy Reitman
Leadership Team

Experienced professionals guide every engagement toward success


Your designated team creates a bespoke solution for each project. Experts who hold deep knowledge around challenges specific to the project will integrate with your processes, adapting seamlessly to the unique ecosystem of your business.

Project Director

Expert in productivity and organization of knowledge workers. Coordinates strategy development, critical paths, and implementation. Day-to-day contact and client representative within Intrepid Digital, ensuring that resources are properly allocated to meet objectives.

UI/UX Manager

Integrates user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design strategies to provide optimal engagement with users across all platforms. Develops UI/UX with a holistic approach, from the front end look-and-feel to the interaction of individuals with
the design.

Performance Manager

Skilled in tracking outcomes for large-scale cross-channel campaigns. Responsible for budget recommendations and ROI analysis at the project level.

Brand Advocate

Champions brand integrity and ensures that all aspects of a campaign honor and amplify the brand. Identifies trending opportunities for brand-building. Guides the development of new branding such as logos, taglines, and market posture associated with the brand.

SEO Manager

Applies technical finesse to the multitude of factors that lift traffic and increase conversion through both organic and paid search. Aligns on-page and off-page optimization with conversion goals and validates outcomes.

Fractional Talent Stack

From web design to graphic design, from writing code to writing copy, a team of specialists with reliable performance in each area a project requires. The fractional talent stack for each campaign is customized – streamlined for efficiency and focused on objectives.

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