SERVICES / Channel Expertise

Enterprise SEO Expertise
Domain Consolidation
Keyword & Content Strategy
On-Site SEO

Lift traffic via use of best practice standards and advanced SEO tactics to increase clicks and conversions.


Protect asset value – plan and support domain migrations and consolidations to protect your digital assets for optimal SEO outcomes.

Identify opportunities – evaluate, monitor, prioritize, and action content opportunities.


Drive performance – continuous SEO technical support for mobile, intent, periodic crawling, etc.

Measure results – monitor site analytics to action, quantify outcomes, and communicate to stakeholders.

Off-Site SEO

Build domain authority – boost site rankings with high impact links, carefully engineered content, targeted outreach, and collaborative programs that promote relevance for search engine algorithms.

Paid Media Expertise
Social &
Conversion Rate

Led by our General Manager, our team is focused on delivering efficiency across a wide range of objectives. 


Our direct response programs are cross channel and leverage Paid Search, Programmatic, Social & Native. They have a singular focus on ROI positive leads and sales.


Our upper funnel programs leverage Paid Social, Programmatic or Reservation Display & Video to drive significant uplifts in awareness and consideration to ultimately improve customer propensity for conversion.

Our Paid Media team collaborate with our Digital Design team to ensure that all ads are built to meet both channel and conversion best practice.


We are experts in the Google Marketing Platform (previously doubleclick) and are skilled in the setup and maintenance of a range of Analytics & Reporting tools including Google Analytics & Data Studio. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Analytics, and Reporting

KPIs, analytics, and reporting are critical infrastructure for digital marketing programs. Success depends on knowing what should be measured, assessing the metrics to extract actionable intelligence, forecasting traffic to prioritize spend, and finally, quantifying outcomes. Intrepid Digital aligns top-down and bottom-up tactics for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Consumer purchase paths are often winding and lengthy. We help you uncover interconnected user behaviors that lead to conversion. Our advanced analysis can identify how conversion was achieved as customers interacted with your brand across channels. Display ad impressions, video views, searches – migration between desktop and smartphone – each element is a predictor of conversion that can be captured, measured, and analyzed to drive strategy.


Translating business objectives into marketing targets

Google Analytics
Adserver (DCM)
Site Analytics

Detailed forecasting for each channel at
variable budget levels

Performance Creative Expertise
Websites &
Landing Pages
Display Ads
(HTML5 & Video)
Social Media
(Ads & Content)
Email Marketing Campaigns
Conversion Rate Optimisation
& Design
Creative is a large barrier to the success of many digital marketing campaigns.  

All of our creative is optimized for conversion, user experience, platform and brand-guidelines

We transform above the line assets into creatives for the digital world, ensuring campaign consistency.

Our deep knowledge of creative fatigue across each channel allows us to be well prepared for creative refresh as needed.

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